Preparedness is for everyone - businesses, civic groups, volunteer groups, neighborhood associations, and individual citizens - not just government agencies.  Everyone should plan ahead for disaster.  Preparedness programs have been developed to educate, promote and test preparedness.

In the United States, these programs are spearheaded by FEMA.  No matter  what your opinions of FEMA are, their work to educate the general public and organizations is massive . . . and available to the public.

Through the FEMA Emergency Management Institute website, there are many programs that provide training, and offer certifications and credentials for successful completion of the coursework.

The emergency preparedness training centers on implementation of the Preparedness Cycle.

Preparedness Cycle

Step One is to Make a Plan

Step Two is to Organize and Equip

Step Three is Train with your Equipment based on your Plan

Step Four is to hold Exercises to test your Training in the field

Step Five is to Evaluate and Improve your Plan based on your Exercise experience


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