Frontier Ranger Rangh LogoThis is the Online Headquarters for Frontier Ranger Ranch and the Frontier Rangers.

Frontier Ranger Ranch is not some fictional, make-believe place, but a real-world location in the State of Texas in the United States.  The "Backward R F R All Combined" image (Frontier Ranger Ranch Brand) is the Registered Livestock Brand of the Frontier Ranger Ranch.

Frontier Rangers is also a real-world concept.  We live it every day.

It involves a mindset and philosophy about how to live an authentic human life.

Scouting says; "Be Prepared" . . . Preppers say; "Prepare for catastrophe" . . . The Frontier Ranger says; "Prepare for life, then live out of your preparation."

Living prepared for life is our lifestyle, every day.

Our forebearers didn't plan for "hard times", they knew "hard times" would come.  They prepared to live a human life no matter what came.  They planned and prepared so that they could ensure a human life for themselves, their dependents, and their livestock.  They didn't depend on some company or government program to bail them out.  They didn't worry about their insurance coverage.  They made sure they had shelter, water, food, and all the comforts of life they could provide for themselves . . . then they focused on learning as much as they could, and improving their spiritual life.  Once they had their plans and preparations for their own household, they reached out and helped their neighbors.  This humanity expressed by our forebearers is what forged Community in the wilderness.

This is the Frontier Ranger ideal.

The Frontier Rangers logo is based on the badges worn by the early Rangers in the old west.  The Posse logo is a silver badge, the Frontier Ranger Ranch logo is gold, and the Ranger logo is a silver star surrounded by a gold ring.

All three have twin banners with the words "Principiis Obsta" and "Finem Respice" on them.  This comes from a quote by Ovid; "Principiis obsta et finem respice" - ”Resist the beginnings and consider the ends.”  It reminds us to not be anxious to "start something" and to consider the consequences of our actions.  To be patient and meditate our actions.

The Frontier Ranger flag logo is based on the flag of Texas where the physical Ranch property is located, but the "Lone Star" of Texas is replaced with the Frontier Ranger Ranch registered livestock brand . . . "Backward R F R All Combined".  It reminds us to always be faithful and "ride for the brand".


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