Frontier Ranger Ranch LogoI'm going to talk a lot about reality.
Too many “preppers” and “survivalists” today are living in a delusional state and preparing for absolutely ridiculous scenarios.

There will be NO “zombie apocalypse”, I promise . . . If there is, feel free to sue me.

Some people have said; “. . . yeah, but if I'm prepared for the “zombie apocalypse” I'll be ready for anything . . .”

Ummmm . . . no. You won't.

Our words have concrete meanings. Our words also have power. If you are preparing for a crisis that won't occur, you won't necessarily be prepared for a real-world crisis that comes along. Preparing to hold off zombies will never prep you to make it through a hurricane. Get it? Each crisis has specific needs, and the needs of one crisis may or may not cover the needs of another.

Planning and preparing to face a natural disaster or crisis requires careful, logical, critical thought.

There is a common rational called the “preparedness cycle” used by agencies to plan and prepare. Individuals can apply the exact same best practices to develop their preparedness plan.

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