Frontier Ranger Ranch LogoMost “survivalists” don't “get it”.
Most “preppers” don't “get it”.
Getting through life's “tough times” isn't about weapons, stockpiles, or “bugging out”.
Getting through “tough times” hinges more on your mindset than all of the stuff in your bag(s).

Read that last sentence again . . .

The generic “prepper” mindset is flawed form the very first step.

Think about this . . . how many times do you hear about the critical need to assemble a “72-Hour Bag”, or a “Go Bag”?  Really?

Here's the truth . . . and it's a big shocker that almost no one seems to think about . . . NO ONE needs a “72-Hour Bag” to survive.

Humans are very resilient . . . unless you have some health issue or other condition, outside of extreme conditions like arctic cold or desert heat, anyone can go three days (72 hours) without anything!  You may not be comfortable, you may not be happy, you'll certainly be hungry and very thirsty . . . but you can survive.

So much for the “72-Hourmyth, huh?

Think about this . . . If you are being told to carry a bag of junk to “survive” for 72 hours, and you know that it is not necessary . . . why should you pay any attention to the bigger bag of junk you are advised to carry?

All of the bags of junk people advise you to tote around are nothing more than “junk trucks”.

Junk - old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value

Truck - to give in exchange, exchange commodities

Junk Truck : A collection of items that are useless or of little value which the owner hopes to exchange for a less sucking life in a crisis scenario.

Some “preppers” also advise adoption of what has become known as the “Grey Man” strategy.

Pay very close attention and think about what they actually advise.  Just imagine the “Grey Man” they are advocating walking around where you live . . . the strategy, equipment, and attitude they suggest adopting will not make you any less noticeable . . . in fact, some of their advice will make you stick out more.

Why try to be a “Grey Man”? Why not seek to be an “Invisible Man”?

Invisible men surround you, they live among you, you pass among them everyday . . . but you don't “see” them.  Look around.  They easiest “Invisible Men” to see are the homeless.  I've seen social experiments where they dress and place people like homeless folks, then have a family member pass them.  These family members don't even “see” them.

Imagine walking by your wife or mother and not recognizing or “seeing” them!  That's how invisible the homeless are.

Common, nondescript, average people easily become invisible.

Tactically-clad, body armor wearing, weapon carrying, helmeted, bag carrying people are not invisible.

Some “preppers” advise stocking food and supplies to the roof in your home . . . then tell you to be ready to “bug out” at a moments notice.

How do you move a ton or more of supplies at a moments notice?  Why on earth would I want to leave my homestead and abandon what I've built?

This and more is why I began with the statement that all these folks just simply don't “get it”.

We are going to strip off the fantasy, illusion, and misconceptions; and focus on reality, logic, and critical thinking to arrive at a solid preparedness strategy.


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