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Instead of buying into the global agenda, which is using food as just industrial stuff, we would say we view food as biological, a living thing, that belongs in smaller communities.

Joel Salatin



Stop buying junk. Stop buying EVERYTHING. Look through what you find here and think about it before you by one more single thing.

The purpose of this site is not to convince you to adopt our plan, stock up on recommended products, or run your household in any way you'r told to.

The purpose of this site is to present what many believe is a better, more human way to prepare for life's uncertainties.

This site began its life as a little 200+ page book passed among a small group of serious friends. Those folks encouraged refining the contents of that book into what you see here now.

This site deals with preparing logically to confront the types of emergencies and crises that realistically could occur.  It is not about packing a bag to run off to the woods nor is it about stockpiling piles of stuff in your house.

If you are already thinking about preparing, or if you're currently a “prepper” . . . Please put all that “on hold” and really think about what you will find here.

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